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I'm going to combine an idea that's been floating around in my head with an idea Pat just suggested in my last comment. This entry will represent the beginning of a Choose Your Own Adventure story. It will then be up to YOU to continue the story. Comment with some decision, like "turn left and follow the thief down the hall." Then go write your own entry, using the text of the comment as the title of your entry. Ideally then you can link your comment to your entry, but even if you can't figure out how to link it, we can just search around for an entry with the appropriate text.
I expect this to fail, but fail amusingly :-)


You are nervous as your parents drop you off for the first day of Space Camp. At the tender age of 13, this will be the first time you'll be away from them for anything more than a weekend. It will also be the first time you'll be further from home than a couple thousand miles. And since Space Camp is on the Moon, you'll be a LOT further away! You won't even be able to make a decent phone call, with the speed of light lag, let alone have full access to the net.
You file onto the shuttle with 15 other kids about your age, every one behaving differently. A couple are sniffling and hanging onto their parents--at least you're not one of those--and some are practically bouncing on the walls. You can't wait to see what they'll be like in micro-gee.
Before you know it you're getting strapped in and a pleasant computer voice is telling you what to expect on the trip there. You miss half of it, but you can tell that there's vision-only VR node on the seat in front of you. It's tempting to plug in and tune out until you arrive on the moon, but then again, it should be a pretty spectacular 12-hour flight. Or maybe you should just pop a couple sleeping pills and wake up on the moon...

What do you want to do?
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