notjenschiz (notjenschiz) wrote,

child endangerment?

So, I had a weird experience on my walk home from the gym tonight.
I saw three young children (ages 7,5,4) leaving their house and wandering around with no adult. This threw up a red flag, but wasn't necessarily a problem. Then I noticed the two youngest were pretty distraught. I approached the kids and talked to them, and eventually extracted the story that Mom and Dad had had a fight, and Dad had gone off looking for Mommy. They had been left alone, and were afraid.

The oldest wanted to call her Nana, but their home phone was broken. I let her use my cell, but she either didn't quite know her number, or Nana wasn't home. So I wait around a few more minutes, trying to keep the two younger ones from freaking out and/or running in the middle of the street as it gets dark out. Then I decide to call 911. As I'm describing the awkward situation, Dad pulls up. So, I try to explain to him as non-accusingly as possible that I found his kids running in the street and stayed with them. He seemed distracted and just sort of said "it's fine now," and we left it at that. No "thanks" or embarrassment or explanation or anything.

So I left.

Do you think I should do anything? I have Nana's number in my cell phone (maybe). I tried to call, but it goes to a generic message service. I know their address, so I could stop back, or call child services or something. Or I could just assume it's not a problem. Any thoughts?

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